Execution Order (Whisperwind US) is an Alliance Raiding to Social guild ages 18 and up. We believe there is room for everyone here. Whether you’re looking to quest with friends, level an alt, trek into some dungeons or maybe you’re ready to raid the end game content then Execution Order is the place for you.

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Thok was slaughtered in one shot!

Get job done by all. We pushed Thok to 66 stacks and blew him up! Onward to Blackfuse.

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Spoils of Pandaria has been looted!

Great job done by all! With less then ten pulls we we came we saw, we wiped, we conquered!


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Now Recruiting

After a 3 month hiatus and server transfer to Whisperwind we are back!

A little history. Formally from Vek’nilash, where we were consistently in the top 10 and as high as 3rd on the server for 10 man raid progression.

We are now looking for raiders to fill our ranks, all classes and specs will be considered. We do have a direct need for a Tank and DPS.

Ideal Recruits Are:
►Outspoken and articulate. You know how to communicate effectively on Mumble.
►Knowledgeable on their own class and spec. Knowing how to use Mr Robot and or SimCraft is a plus.
►Intelligent and observant. When you make a mistake, you realize what you’ve done and fix it.

Although all of this might sound serious, we’re all actually quite laid-back, and we like to have fun...

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