Execution Order (US//Vek’nilash) is an Alliance Raiding to Social guild ages 18 and up. We believe there is room for everyone here. Whether you’re looking to quest with friends, level an alt, trek into some dungeons or maybe you’re ready to raid the end game content then Execution Order is the place for you.

We strive to be family-friendly and helpful to all members. Most member are adults and many members are parents and/or working professionals, so we’re very understanding of the usual AFKs that real life brings such as kid aggro, spouse aggro, etc. We encourage all guild chat to be family-friendly. We discourage indecent or obscene conversations that are inappropriate (think PG-13 or less), or behavior that is demeaning or otherwise harmful to others. We also discourage controversial topics of discussion that are likely to create an unwelcome environment for members, such as politics, religion, and sex. Violating these rules gets you a swift kick.

If you enjoy mature, intelligent conversation, Warcraft lore, theory crafting, and enjoying your time in game, you’ll enjoy your time in Execution Order. Players wishing to join Execution Order must be a minimum of level 15 all classes and specs are welcome to join.

We raid Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday evenings at 9pm CST (server time) for two hours maximum.

Invites and roll call are performed 10 minutes prior to raid start time. First pull is on the hour. Even if you’re signed up, the raid will be filled with members online at 10 minutes before the hour.

Authenticators are now mandatory for guild bank access. They are easy to setup and are free for iPhones, iPod Touch and other mobile devices. The Blizzard Authenticator key flop can be purchased $6.91, free shipping. All players should or use the Authenticator for increased account security. They also save us the guild many headaches. How to get one.

Guild members are encouraged to join raids as they are able, but Raider ranked players with good attendance will get priority. Raid attendance is not required of any guild member. This is a raiding-optional guild!

Q) Where did the name Execution Order come from?
A) It came from some brainstorming on how to convey the purpose of the guild as well as setting a level of excellence.
Q) What does the name Execution Order mean?
A) The name comes from the dual meaning of the two words.


ex·e·cu·tion [ek-si-kyoo-shuhn]

1. the infliction of capital punishment or, any legal punishment
2. a mode, style or manner in which something is accomplished or performed; technique or technical skill

or·der [awr-der]
1. a command of a court or judge: or a command or notice issued by a military organization or a military commander to troops
2. a group or body of persons of the same profession, occupation, or pursuits: a society or fraternity