1. Respect every player and their reasons for playing the game.

2. NO begging – for gold, loot, runs, etc. Read up on the site here and ask questions in the site forum if you need help with a specific area. Need help on a quest or dungeon run? Post something here on the site forum or in game using the guild chat.

3. NO inappropriate language in the Guild chat or on the Guild voice channel (we use a private Mumble server). This also includes inappropriately named toons. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Excessive profanity and crude remarks
  • Racial, ethnic, religious, or other slurs
  • Other language that’s generally harmful, insulting, or mean-spirited
  • Topics of discussion that are likely to create an unwelcome or hostile environment based on strongly held beliefs, such as politics, religion, or sex.

You are always permitted and encouraged to create private channels if you want to have discussions that would not be appropriate for general guild chat.

4. Stay active in the guild. We expect members to log in and play once every 60 days. Your Raider rank will be reduced if you do not attend a raid within 30 days. Please notify a Guild Officer if you’ll be away longer.
5. All players should purchase the Blizzard Authenticator for improved account security ($6.91, free shipping) or use the Mobile Authenticator (free for iPod Touch and iPhone). 

6. Avoid using the Guild chat channel for discussions more appropriate to your party, raid, battleground team, or other non-guild purposes.

Not following these rules may result in a warning and or removal from the guild.

Raid/Instance/Group Rules

1. As a rule, in guild 5 man dungeon runs, we roll NEED on spec for upgrades and GREED or DISENCHANT otherwise.

2. If you’re in a group with any outside members (non-guild), we ask guild members to roll DISENCHANT or GREED even if you have no need for the item whatsoever. Gear and mats can be used for enchants and the guild bank to benefit all guild members.

3. Guild members are free and welcome to join non-guild groups, but be aware that your play experience may be different than in a group required to obey guild rules.

4. In raids 10/25 man we set the loot rules to Master Looter and roll on spec, meaning that for epic items, people of a certain class for whom the gear is intended (check the gear tooltips) will /roll and be awarded gear by highest random roll. Please note that all tier token items will be offered to guild members with the rank of Raider first, unless other wise noted buy the raid leader. This ensures fairness for those who attend regularly. The loot order is as follows:

  • Main spec roll first
  • Off spec roll second
  • Second/third piece roll last

5. Currently we do NOT award gear on the basis of role (main tank, healer, etc.) or using a point system like DKP. Guild members are free to start their own raids using alternate rule sets such as GPEP, but they must obey all Blizzard rules and treat members fairly. You will be dismissed and removed from the guild if you do not obey the rules you set down (“ninja-ing loot”) for your self-organized raid.

6. There is no forced/required attendance for dungeons, battlegrounds, or other non raid activities.

7. Group/raid leaders may summarily remove group members if a member goes AFK (without notice) for more than 5 minutes, or behaves improperly and/or impolitely.